EdTech 2018 Reshape Education Through AI

EdTech Innovation
Start-up Contest 2018

Krypto Labs has set a global challenge to cast light on the importance of technology in the context of education with a focus on leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to positively impact existing educational ecosystems.

EdTech 2018 will be open to entrepreneurs, startups, R&Ds, university students, and companies from around the world. Applicants should offer an innovative, inventive, or disruptive product/service, which is original, and has scalable commercial applications.

We are interested in applications across different spheres including K-12, High-Ed, Vocational, Lifelong Learning, among others. Applications should impact direct or indirect learners.

EdTech 2018 Entrepreneur Hero (winner of the contest) will receive US$150,000.
EdTech 2018 category star (winner of each of the 6 categories) will each receive US$20,000.


  1. Curriculum Applications
  2. Universal Access to Classrooms
  3. Data Applications
  4. Lifelong Learning Applications
  5. Supplemental Applications
  6. Behavioural Analytics Applications

Online applications can be submitted between August 15th, 2018 and October 14th, 2018. Submissions will be reviewed by the Krypto Labs Board of Experts, who will select a maximum of 20 shortlisted entries by November 1st, 2018. From these shortlisted businesses, a jury of global experts in education technology will select six finalists who will be invited to pitch to EdTech jury members on the final pitch day event, which will take place in Abu Dhabi on 12th December 2018.

Contest Timeline

August 15, 2018

Application open

October 14, 2018


November 1, 2018

Top 20 shortlisted selected

November 25, 2018

Up to 6 semifinalists Announced

December 12, 2018

Up to 6 Semifinalists will pitch their innovative business at Krypto Labs EdTech 2018 final event. A panel of industry experts will select a finalist applicant to be crowned as the EdTech 2018 Entrepreneur Hero to be rewarded US$150,000. The jury will also announce a category start of each of the 6 categories, to receive US$20,000 each.

Award and Benefits

Entrepreneur Hero (Contest Winner) Will


Category Star (Each Category Winner) Will Receive:

US$20,000 (US$120,000 in total)

1. Curriculum applications starUS$20,000
2. Universal access to classrooms starUS$20,000
3. Data applications starUS$20,000
4. Lifelong learning application starUS$20,000
5. Supplemental applications starUS$20,000
6. Behavioural analytics applications starUS$20,000

All 6 Semifinalist Will

An opportunity to grow their business networks through Krypto Labs
Increased visibility for their business
A round-trip flight for up to 2 team members from home country to Abu Dhabi


Krypto Labs EdTech 2018 is open to both individual innovators and team-based projects or companies from anywhere in the world (subject to certain restrictions – see our terms for further details).
We are interested in applications across different spheres including K-12, High-ed, Vocational, Lifelong Learning, among others. Applications should impact direct or indirect learners. The contest will be open to individuals, teams, university students and companies from around the world.
The project must be centred around education technology and must leverage the technology to meet the following.

  • It must be categorised as part of the EdTech industry.
  • It must have Artificial Intelligence on the forefront or as part of the application.
  • Fall within on elf the listed categories.
  • It should impact learning or enable better management of the education process.
  • It can disrupt or supplement current education settings or ecosystems.
  • It must be for-profit.
  • It must have commercial applications.
  • It must be inventive, innovative or disruptive.
  • The business proposal must be original work and applicants must hold all applicable rights.
  • It must be submitted in English.
  • A team of up to three people, or the individual representing the idea or start--up, must be available to pitch the project in person on December 12, 2018 at Krypto Labs Abu Dhabi.
To enter, team-based start-ups, projects, or companies must select one person to submit the application and to serve as the team’s representative throughout the competition.


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