Tech Day: Unlock the Entrepreneur in You

In an increasingly competitive world with burgeoning startups, starting a business is a major struggle, and we often wonder how we can become a successful entrepreneur.

As a student or a young professional thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, we strive to prosper and highlight our value proposition. In this talk, we will discuss the power of being entrepreneurial.

Through the Innovative Leadership Program, and a popular "Shark Tank" case study, we will highlight a unique approach for you to empower yourself through innovation. Through dynamic content, we will discuss how you can become innovative and unlock the entrepreneur in you!

Dr. Wasif Syed

Dr. Wasif Syed is the Founder and CEO of Ivy Strategy Advisor LLC, an American educational and leadership strategy consulting firm in Washington, D.C., specializing in innovative human capital development.

Dr. Wasif, an avid proponent of youth empowerment, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation, conducts professional development programs worldwide.

He was named one of “5 People Inspiring Peace” globally for his education and leadership work in Huffington Post. Dr. Wasif has spoken at the United Nations, universities (such as Harvard, MIT, Cornell, Penn, Georgetown and Emory), conferences, schools and organizations worldwide.

He is also a Disruptor Foundation Fellow. He completed his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Cornell University.