Tech Day - NewSpace: The Future of the Space Industry

UAE Space Agency and Krypto Labs cordially invite you to attend the Tech Day "NewSpace: The future of the space industry", which will take place on Wednesday, 5th of February at 11 AM.

The event will bring together experts from the space industry to discuss the latest investment trends and emerging opportunities in NewSpace, which refers to the recent commercialization of the space industry.


11:00 AM: Welcome and Registration

11:10 AM: Opening Speech by Krypto Labs

11:15 AM: Introduction to NewSpace by the UAE Space Agency

11:20 AM: Panel Discussion "NewSpace: The future of the space industry"

  • Allen Herbert, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Nanoracks
  • Dr. Ali Al Hammadi, Founder of Farmin
  • Dr. Mohammed Adnan, Technical Lead at Krypto Labs and former NASA Scientist

12:00 PM: Q&A

12:15 PM: Snacks and Networking