Tech Day: Corporate Innovation - Embracing Disruption

Innovation is no longer an option. Companies that disrupt the market, whether startups or large corporations, are the ones who can drive business growth and maintain a market share. As startups are increasingly outperforming established companies, it is essential for corporations to embrace the corporate innovation model.

Corporate innovation is not simply innovation within a corporate environment, it requires to switch to an entrepreneurial mindset and adapt business practices associated to startups. So, how can established companies foster innovation?

Join our Tech Day “Corporate Innovation: embracing disruption” led by Asher Siddiqui to learn how established companies can foster innovation. Asher Siddiqui is an investor, mentor and advisor to Krypto Labs, management teams, corporate boards, private equity and venture capital firms globally.

Asher was previously a managing partner at 500 Startups, dividing his time between Dubai and San Francisco. Prior to 500 Startups, he was Head of M&A and Head of Venture Capital at Etisalat Group. He led over 36 advanced stage deals valued at approximately $34bn and closed 20+ transactions valued at c.$7.5bn (10 M&A transactions and 12+ VC deals).