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UAE NewSpace Innovation Program

The UAE NewSpace Innovation Program is a joint initiative by the UAE Space Agency and Krypto Labs to accelerate the growth of four tech businesses in the field of NewSpace. which refers to the rise of the private spaceflight industry that aims to make space more accessible, affordable and commercial, for scientists and the general public.

We are looking for teams to build solutions across the following categories:

  • Innovations in Space Sciences
  • Extending Human Presence in Space
  • Exploration & Communications in Space
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The Bridge Program

The Bridge is a unique program for entrepreneurs designed to maximize their success and growth. The Program is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the needed support to transform their ideas and MVPs into successful businesses.

What to expect:

  • Access a 4-month program of custom training, mentorship and support on par with global standards
  • Fine-tune your ideas and MVPs
  • Grow your entrepreneurial capabilities
  • Secure funding through angel investors and early-stage VCs
  • Generate revenue and sales traction
  • 5% Equity
  • No fees
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Entrepreneurship Academy

In its efforts to contribute to building a knowledge-based economy, Krypto Labs provides innovation and entrepreneurship courses for startups, entrepreneurs, private companies and government entities.

As such, Krypto Labs launched Laboxatory, a startup that aims to build a generation of science enthusiasts by teaching STEM experientially (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), as well as the Entrepreneur Day, a roadshow for university and high school students that inspires them to become entrepreneurs.

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