Our incubator program is designed to support early-stage start-ups and help them take their idea to market. Selected start-ups will receive funding in return for a negotiated investment in their company. They will also have access to our VC fund at a later stage.

There are a limited number of places available at any one time, but new slots will always be opening up.

Krypto Labs’ atmosphere of collaboration and mentorship – along with our multitude of resources – will help prepare start-ups for acceleration and make them standout against their competitors and place them on a pathway towards sustainability.

How it works

It starts with you

If you have a great business idea that can turn a profit while creating a valuable product or service, Krypto Labs is the place for you.

Application Submission

Complete our online application form: explain your idea and how you will make it a success. A preliminary evaluation of your application will be done based on our selection criteria which includes the quality and commercial potential of the product or service, and the experience and commitment of the applicant and their team.

The Pitch

Top entrants will be invited to pitch their business idea. A final decision will be made on who will enter our incubator program.

Business Idea Improvement

If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to work with our team of industry experts and mentors to fine-tune your idea and give it the best chance of success. You will be funded and will have an access to a wide network of eco-system partners and service providers, in addition to a top-notch working space, and facilitation of free zone license application.

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