Cornelius Matthes

CEO Kuwekeza Holdings

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Cornelius is a well-respected leader and investor in the renewable energy industry and built several successful clean energy businesses and start-ups within Middle East and Africa. He has extensive board level experience from 10 years in Deutsche Bank (among others, youngest board member in Deutsche Bank Italy Group) and several renewable energy associations via pro bono work. By building the international shareholder and partner network of Dii (Desertec Industrial Initiative), he was at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution in North Africa and the Middle East. A keen entrepreneur and investor in emerging markets with recognitions such as “Solar Pioneer 2015” for the Middle East, he is lecturing at several universities including St. Gallen and is a regular speaker at international conferences. He holds an MBA (Dipl. Kaufmann) from University of Passau, and speaks German, English, Italian, French and Russian. “I am glad to be able to work in renewable energy which is also my passion – we can genuinely make an impact with many different things and help people, to make our planet a better place. Having new challenges every day is fantastic and many more mountains to be climbed!”

Karim Dawood


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A Value driven person, passionate about learning & innovative solutions with social impact. Spent my last five years designing and building startups & volunteering initiatives mainly for youth. My engineering background & Entrepreneurial sprite helped me to build two startups , joined 3 volunteering jobs, won +8 awards, visited 8 countries and built a wide network.

Kemal Evci

Blockchain Consultant & Strategist

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He has been working on his Executive MBA at the Strathclyde Business School since April 2016. The Strathclyde Business School offers on the part-time basis through our international centers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Glasgow, and he has completed many business courses such as Data Analysis for Decision Making, Financial Management, Accounting Management, Managing People in Organizations, Operation Management, Economics, Scenario Planning, Corporate Governance, Information Technology Management, Strategy Marketing, and Digital Strategy and Management in the different centers. In terms of the blockchain, he is a Certified Blockchain Expert, CBE (by Blockchain Council) and he has received Blockchain Essentials certificate from IBM. Additionally, he is a Certified Bitcoin Professional by Cryptocurrency Certification Consortium. His MBA final project focuses on the use of blockchain in the UAE. He has also completed online programming language courses and is currently working on Hyperledger blockchain and cryptocurrency courses. Before commencing his MBA studies, Kemal was also involved in a number of student groups one of which he founded and was its president for a number of years and attended international organizations as a volunteer, trainer, mentor or a group leader, where he organized/worked on various international projects. Additionally, he helped organize a number of international and local activities in Turkey and Europe. On the other hand, Kemal has a civil engineering degree and worked on complex airport construction projects, both in Doha and in Abu Dhabi, from 2011 to 2017. He has more than 7-year professional construction site operation and management, supply chain, procurement and project management experience as a section engineer.

Ziad Al-Masri


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25+ years’ experience in the digital space, Ziad is a highly successful marketing and business development professional. Excels in research, design, implementation and roll out of mobile & internet services with a passionate eye on new trends and building, mentoring and leading top-performing teams and strategic partnerships.

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